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Historic Rogersville Lit Up!

Rogersville, like most of the historic towns in these parts has it’s hidden charm, and especially during the Christmas Season.   Not only is East Main done up downtown, but about every shop window has some of the most exquisite displays seen, and all this on top of already historically charming district. Enjoy the four minute, round trip tour of Historic…

Rogersville, TN Christmas 2015

These are some images I’ve taken of the Christmas lights display over on Park Blvd (near 11E) and a few shots of historic downtown.   I ran out of battery (it was bitter cold) too soon, and so I plan a return trip one evening, a bit later in the AM to avoid the traffic in the photos.   The images here…

324 E. Main, Rogersville, TN

The Simpson House,”  was built in 1848 by Archibald Carmichael, a doctor who came to Rogersville to invest in the marble industry. Later, the Bart Simpson family owned the property for over 100 years and their heirs sold it following the death of Louise Simpson Hooper in 1996.