YouTube declared that video makes up more than 90 percent of all web traffic. Every day, YouTube receives four BILLION video views.


Extend your marketing reach and get your property SEEN! With a flat fee of just $200, you can take advantage of video enabled Internet. You can publish a video in many ways on the Internet, as well as attach it to print media for mobile owners, by way of a simple and free QR Code.

This service may be used for:

  • Selling a home or business
  • Renting a home
  • Leasing commercial office space
  • Showing a vacation rental
  • Showing a restaurant or bar
  • Insurance and Inventory Video

Welcome to Town Local, Video Real Estate Listings.  

If you live in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee and need to market your property, I can save you money on a service that most consider a necessity in today’s digital marketplace.  Having access to affordable video and photos to market properties with will open this service to many types of businesses not able to budget for it before now.  I provide steady smooth video of your property and edit it into a polished presentation for presentation on line.


This service is for ALL kinds of properties, luxury, vacation and standard family homes, sale, rental or lease.   Whatever the reason you require media of your property, you’ll be guaranteed not to overpay.  For the first time, it makes sense to budget for media services, even for a double-wide, to garner the benefits media offers.  But marketing is of course but ONE reason to get a Real Estate Reel.  A video inventory of your valuables or the inside of your home / business for insurance or police reference may be a good investment too.


Your real estate video (not inventory video)  is uploaded to YouTube to take advantage of the YouTube search.  As such, you can embed your video on web sites, social media, and in printed ads via a QR Code I provide you.  You can even place your presentation on a sign out front, to show drive by’s the inside without ever having to bother you, until they are sure they are interested.


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